Announcing JAX and the CryptoJazz Festival

Producing Live Music NFT Bundles as The Metaverse and IRL Collide

For the last 3 months we at JAXhideaway, through our NFT Broadcast Network MetaJAX, have been broadcasting into The Metaverse exceptional jazz musicians as they perform live in front of live audiences at our club, Campus JAX in Newport Beach, CA. We call these shows JAXblast events. These events are being produced into a portfolio of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and promise to create an ecosystem of sustainable value and support for participating musicians, performers, and visual artists along with the audiences and fans who love them. The next step in the realization of this vision is upon us! On July 9-11, 2021, we are hosting an in-person CryptoJazz Festival that will simulcast a weekend of music performance and visual art collaboration into The Metaverse. This groundbreaking local-global cultural event will produce entire portfolios of rare and exceptional NFTs featuring some of the world's top jazz musicians paired with great visual artists. There will also be discussions and opportunities for collaboration between musicians and visual artists. Tickets (both crypto and not) are now available at as well as NFT Artist Sponsor Opportunities for visual artists and creators to display their work in our physical and virtual event galleries.

This will be the first CryptoJazz Festival ever and has one amazing added feature:

The incredible team at WhaleStreet, led by NFT DeFi dev pioneer Vii Sundaram, will be introducing the JAX community rewards token which can be earned by staking MetaJAX NFTs on the platform powered by Polygon's L2 layer. Not only will those who stake their NFT's be rewarded, but the artists featured in the NFT will be rewarded also!

Great Music Comes Easy For Us

We at MetaJAX have been broadcasting exceptional jazz musicians performing in front of live audiences at our venue since 2017, coincidentally, the same time that blockchain technology captured our attention. Ever since, it has been our mission to protect and promote exceptional performers, songwriters, composers, and instrumentalists around the globe by producing and broadcasting their high value music and content to the world with empowering technology. We always imagined that blockchain technology would be part of realizing this vision in association with a Jazz and Roots Music slate of television style broadcasts.

Over 100 live broadcast performances in front of an audience during this very difficult past year. Outdoor, socially distanced and 50 yards away from our indoor club. Pretty tough on our servers! Thank you QSC Pro Audio for the incredible sound support.

The NFT Journey Begins

The global pandemic accelerated the broadcast plan and fueled by the transformational advancements in decentralized finance (DeFi) the MetaJAX NFT Broadcast Network was conceived in May 2019 inspired by a revelational Zima Red podcast by Andrew Steinwold featuring NFT OG Trislit. The link was casually passed to us by our essential NFT advisor from the beginning John Fields the fearless leader of NFT curation club GrowYourBase. The "music" that began that day was quickly amplified by the growing circle and expertise of The Metaverse including the TokenSmart community with their trailblazing sherpa guides Sandy Meows and DragoNate along with the take-no-prisoners, marvelously rogue advocate for authenticity in art, Rizzle. The TokenSmart Team and Rizzle will be hosting the event in The Metaverse through the TokenSmart Discord server on the #jax-hideout channel and in the TokenSmart Lounge in CryptoVoxels.

The King Inspires A Festival

If the CryptoJazz Festival reminds you of the Metapurse B20 Metapalooza, you are absolutely correct. We were there and it was awe inspiring. We have produced live events from clubs to Vegas conventions to stadiums for a long time. Metapalooza revealed just how thin the barrier had become to cross from IRL (In Real Life) to The Metaverse. And the Metapurse Team did it right and with conviction. Metakovan, the King of The Metaverse and his ever present Twobadour, the Voice of the Metaverse sounded the virtual trumpet heard round the world and it blew our mind. We knew the time for amazing Metaverse events was upon us and the moment for CryptoJazz and MetaJAX was now. We are deeply grateful for all that Metakovan, Twobadour, and their team have done. They continue to lead by example and support all creatives with authority and humility. We consider our CryptoJazz event to be an "unofficial" Metapalooza sequel, and honored to fashion our efforts after the King and his Voice.

Metapalooza the mega virtual world production by the Metakovan, Twobadour and the Metapurse team set a new standard for in-world Metaverse events. The CryptoJazz Festival adds an IRL (in real life) dimension to this concept.

JAX: Owning Exceptional Music in the Metaverse

Like our Metapurse heroes, we seek to democratize access and ownership to highly sought-after artwork and music to accelerate the cultural Renaissance that is happening within The Metaverse. To accomplish this we will have a portfolio of NFTs captured and created live with a wide range of values and randomized scarcities accessible to all. Additionally we are introducing Progressive NFTs that offer a new way to collect, stake, and grow your own portfolio of music performed by exceptional musicians. All this while earning JAX community rewards tokens. These Progressive NFTs and the tokenomics of the JAX token will be further explained by tokenomic architect and developer Vii Sundaram in a subsequent blog. You can also read more about all of our NFTs at just keep scrolling, there's a lot of information there.

Mike Garson, David Bowie's pianist & keyboardist throughout Bowie's career including the famous jazz solo in both the live and album version of Ziggy Stardust will be performing at the CryptoJazz Festival.

This Is Only The Beginning

MetaJAX is committed to exceptional artists for the long term. Music 1.0 existed for the benefit of the record business, labels and distributors, with only a few of the very popular acts capable of economic survival. Music 2.0 has made it even worse for artists as the big tech and streaming platforms have forced many musicians to leave their art behind as the business has become "influencer" driven. It's time for Music 3.0, decentralized, democratized, and directly connecting the artists to the audiences and fans who love them and will invest in them resulting in rewards for both. Like Metapurse, we want to decentralize and democratize art and music — so token holders everywhere can share in a valuable piece of history and, in the process, create wealth for the entire community.

Join Us

We hope you join us for the journey. We invite you to be with us IRL in Newport Beach, CA for the CryptoJazz Festival, if possible.

MetaJAX partner, Mike Smart of SmartDigitalPayments is our IRL on-site NFT concierge. He will make sure that your time with us is productive, valuable, and enjoyed. Contact him for more information on artist participation and sponsorship at

Your in-person participation and support is deeply appreciated. You won't be disappointed in the music and art that takes place. For you Metaverse citizens who cannot be with us IRL, please join us at the TokenSmart Discord and TokenSmart Lounge in CryptoVoxels July 9-11. Get all the details and tickets at and fill your bags with MATIC in preparation to grow your NFT portfolio full of exceptional music and art, created right before your eyes. Be there.

For more information, questions, or sharing ideas, feel free to email